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Has your organization achieved its potential? Is there room for improvement? Are you surviving or thriving? Your maximum performance and value are achieved when your organization is working on the right efforts – together. You achieve this when you have clear, articulated direction, performance knowledge, aligned goals, and flawless execution. OpteonGroup helps make that possible.

We use our four step process of Analyze, Plan, Implement, and Renew. During the Analyze phase, we observe, gather information, and transform it to gain insights to your issues.

We then Plan proposed solutions with you. We focus on your people, your processes, and your possibilities. This includes possibilities like profit potential, cost reduction, growth strategies, supply chain health, and management effectiveness.

With you, we Implement the Plan. Our clients construct new capabilities, and adopt best practices.

Our clients Renew and thrive by reviewing performance and adjusting their plans. OpteonGroup stands with you to offer continued guidance.


If you are a business owner, investor, board member, senior executive, or are a senior manager, we work with you to maximize performance. We take the approach that strategy alone does not achieve lasting excellence, only strategy that is both actionable and implemented. Our focus is on the future orientation of your company and the necessary resources and actions to achieve your desired results.

From improving profitable companies to turning around your underperforming or distressed business, OpteonGroup can deliver the results you need.


You can take confidence in the globally developed supply chain model we have adopted as the basis for supply chain evaluation and improvement. This international model sorts out your organization’s supply chain so you can optimize planning, sourcing, producing, and delivering the company’s offerings.

We use this Plan, Source, Make, and Deliver model to identify your needs and customize a plan for your organization. We identify capability gaps or wasteful practices, quantify the costs to your company, and design improvement plans for your particular situation. Whether you require short-, mid-,or long-term actions, we work with you to implement the new strategies.


If you are currently experiencing underperformance or distress, take action! Your company needs turnaround expertise. We provide interim leadership and consultation to effect those changes. We interact with your lenders, suppliers, customers, employees, attorneys, and others.

We are a member of the Turnaround Management Association, an international organization of over 8,000 professionals dedicated to renewal.